How To Prepare Your RV For Long Term Storage

Admin | January 29, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Our goal at J&D Parking Storage in Miami, Florida, is to preserve your second home and make sure it's prepared for your upcoming journey. We know that storing an RV or boat involves more than just finding a place to keep it. Here is a checklist of important considerations to help you get the most out of your RV storage experience:

Amenities Count

Even though safe parking is essential, take into account extra features. Examine storage choices that come with extra features including maintenance services, electric hookups, and wash stations. You and your RV both deserve the finest. Having the small things matter, so make sure to look for those next time your storage your vehicle.

You Are the First to Ensure Security

While your function is equally important, security is a critical matter for facilities. Make a decent lock purchase, park carefully to discourage theft, and take out valuables. Taking preventative measures guarantees comfort while storing.

Size and Comfort: Managing Your Space Storage facilities should be comfortable to navigate, and RVs are available in a variety of sizes. Visit our facilities before committing to make sure there is enough space for a drive aisle (at least 35 feet) and to be mindful of any tight corners. Our top priority is your convenience of access.

Advice on Preventing Pests

Nobody desires unexpected visitors. On tours of the site, keep an eye out for pest activity. You can help with pest control while we handle it by putting out mothballs, dryer sheets, or rodent poison to make an environment that vermin won't tolerate. There are plenty of cases of rodent damage on important electrical systems on vehicles. They like close quarters that are shielded off from the elements. I would inspect your vehicle at least once a month to reduce the chance of major damage to electrical systems. Look for twigs, cloth, or debris that would be out of the ordinary in your vehicle's engine bay.

Seasonal Readiness for the Best Treatment

Your storage strategy should adapt as the seasons do. Empty the water from your RV, apply antifreeze, and take out any items that could freeze. Think about getting an RV cover for the summer and taking precautions against sun damage. The state of your RV storage matters, make sure that all windows and doors are sealed. If you'er storing for a long time, make sure that you preserve your gas and add some gasoline stabilizer.

Developing Communication Skills to Build Trust

Your rapport with our staff is crucial, particularly if you live in an RV full-time. Maintain open channels of communication, give precise contact details, and go over your storage plans. It guarantees a seamless experience even on lengthy trips.

We're more than simply a parking spot at J&D Parking Storage; we're your ally in maintaining the delight of owning an RV. To get the most out of your Miami RV storage experience, adhere to these rules. Experience the distinction at J&D Parking Storage, where the location of your RV is just as essential as your next destination.